Winter Break!

During my break, I went to June Lake. June Lake is a small town that is half an hour from Mammoth. I have a nice wood cabin there, and we go every year. We went snowboarding at Mammoth Mountain. There wasn’t much snow, but I still had fun! I spent Christmas up there! I spend Christmas in June Lake every year. Though it wasn’t a white Christmas, it was still a good one. I got a new camera for Christmas, which I’m really happy about! Overall, I had a great break!

I took this picture at Mammoth Mountain using my iPhone, and edited it on Instagram using the effect Walden.

This is the new camera I got for Christmas.

This is a picture of my dog standing by the Christmas tree. I took it on my iPhone and edited it on Instagram using the effect Earlybird.

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In my MAT 105 class, we had to make band logos using Adobe Illustrator. I took a picture from online of the Ctrl-Alt-Delete keys on a keyboard. I then traced the keys using the pen tool. I used the eyedropper tool to change the color to match the actual keys. I shaded it to make it look more 3D like in the picture. I then wrote Ctrl, Alt, and Delete on each of the keys using the text tool. I made the background red and then put a border around it to fill up some empty space.

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Logo Brainstorm

My band name is Ctrl-Alt-Delete, and the genre is techno rock. I’m going to trace pictures of the buttons ctrl-alt-delete on Adobe Illustrator. I’ll do a cool rock font. I’ll probably use the colors grey, black, white, and red.

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These are logos I like:katyperry

These are logos I don’t like:

These are different genres/bands and their logos:




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Abstract Art

For this project, we had to listen to a few songs, and then go on Adobe Illustrator and create an abstract drawing. I used mostly the star tool and flare tool to make the image you see above. I also used the paint brush tool. I’m not sure why, but this is what I thought of when I  heard the songs. I liked this project, because we could just make whatever we want. I really like Adobe Illustrator, because it is simple to use.

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Famous Faces

In my MAT 105 class, we had to take a picture of a famous person and we traced it on Adobe Illustrator. I did a picture of Lady Gaga. I used the pen tool, eraser tool, eyedrop tool, and move tool.  We were not allowed to use the Live Trace Tool.  I used the pen tool to trace the picture, and the eyedrop tool to match the color to the color in the original picture. I used the eraser tool and the move tool to edit the shape of the hair. This project was really fun! I prefer Adobe Illustrator over Adobe Photoshop, because it was a lot easier to use.

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My Face


I edited my face into this photograph. I cut out my face from a picture using the Polygonal Lasso tool, and then copy and pasted it onto the other picture. I scaled it and rotated it so it would fit in nicely, and then rounded out my face using the smudge tool. I then had to change the color. First I made it black and white using Image, Adjustments, Black and White. Then I used Image, Adjustments, Color Balance and other tools to match the color of my face to the color of the background.

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